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Setup combo items

A combo item is a common approach to bundle one or more items together in a single combo. Advantages include:

1. Create the necessary product/variant

You can either reuse existing product variants or create new ones. If the items in your combo are not going to be sold as stand-alone items, you can create a dedicated category and hide it from the POS.

2. Create a combo variant

Create a product variant as you normally would and assign a price, which will become the base price of the combo.

  1. Select the variant you want to convert into a combo item. In the variant form choose Combo Item
  2. Create a combo group by pressing + ADD COMBO GROUP
  3. Name the combo group, for example, Appetizer
  4. Decide the minimum and maximum number of items that can be created in the combo group
  5. Press + VARIANTS and chose all selectable variants
  6. Specify a price (if any) for each selectable variant
  7. Use the arrow indicator next to the variant name to rearrange the order
  8. Press save

Congratulations. You have created a combo item with a combo group. You can add additional combo groups or or modify the existing combo item by revisiting the combo variant.