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Advanced printing and worklist

Configure each printer you want to use with QUEUE

Set up printers in QUEUE

Go to Settings > Printing > Printers


Select + New Printer, select printer type and enter printer name and IP address. Toggle on Default Repeipt Printer/Worklist Printer/Checklist Printer if needed. Press Test Print to make sure printing functions normally when all the settings are complete.

Default printers


Please refer to PrintingOptions for detailed explanation.

Configure multiple printing stations

By default, all work item tickets will be printed on the Default work list printer.

If you want different items to print on different printers, this can be achieved by creating multiple work lists and assign one or more printers to each work list.

1. Create a new work list

Go to Settings => Work lists > + New Worklist


Customize your worklist name, for example, bar/kitchen/cashier.

From the Designated printer drop down chose the destination printer that should print tickets belonging to this work list.

If necessary chose how many ticket copies should be printed. If left empty, one ticket will be printed.

You can override the Print type for this work list if these tickets need a different print design.

If 2 or more printers are needed in this area, please repeat the steps to set up multiple printers.

multi Worklists

Don't forget to press Save after all completing all the settings.

2. Connect a category or product with a work list

From Settings => Menu chose Designate Work list either on a category or a product level and chose the newly created work list. These items will now be printing on the printer(s) designated for this work list.

Menu designate worklist


Please check back in worklist interface to confirm connected menus are displayed underneath the work areas

3. Check your set up

Take an order from a category or product that has been connected with a worklist and hit execute. Tickets should print out from designated area.