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Order management

Order types

Depending on what order types have been enabled there are three main types of orders


The different order types can be enabled/disabled from the Store settings

Quick order

Device specific order that will not be synchronised across devices until payment is complete. This order type is ideal for short running orders.

Chose Quick order to create a new Quick order. You will immediately be presented with the menu and you can add items to the order. Finish the order by going to Payment and completed the payment. The order will now appear in the Orders section and in reporting with the type Quick.

Order section order

A Order section order belongs to a order section and will be synchronised between all connected devices. This is ideal for orders that are not immediately completed

Tab order

A stand-alone order that is not associated with a specific location or device.

External order

Orders received from external platforms like Uber Eats or Foodpanda. The content of these orders cannot be changed and all necessary actions performed a synchronised with the platform from which the order originated.

Create new order

Quick order

A new Quick order is automatically created when selecting Quick order either from tablet or mobile interface.

Quick order

Order Section

When pressing on an empty order section a new order is automatically created. If you want to create additional orders press the + NEW ORDER button.

External order

External orders are created automatically when you receive new orders from an external platform. It is not possible to modify the content of an order that has been received by an external platform.

Add items to order

Select an item you want to add to the order. The item will be added to the order and appear on the right item list, but not yet executed. Press the Execute button to execute the order or press Payment button to execute and go straight to payment.

You can freely modify and delete an item before it has been executed. To change to order of the items in your order, press and hold the item and drag it to the desired position.

When an item has been executed the item color changes to green and depending on settings you might not be able to modify the content without manager permissions.


To disallow regular users to modify or delete executed items, enable the advanced permissions and set up staff limitation

Edit order items

Press the edit icon to modify the order item. You will be presented with different options based on your menu configuration and permissions.

Edit item

When the item has been configured press Save to complete the item setting

Edit order

To make changes on a order level press the gear next to the order name (upper right corner) and select Edit

You can make the following modifications to an order

  1. Add/modify a custom order name. This name will be stored on the order and available when an order is printed or completed
  2. Associate an order with a customer. If the Customer module is enabled, you can select a customer from your customer database and connect the order to that customer.
  3. Allow open during closing reporting. Enable this option if you want to allow this order to remain open when performing a full closing.
  4. Service charge. Toggle service charge for the selected order
  5. Discount or Discount %. Specify either a discount amount or a percentage. The discount will be applied at checkout

Execute order


Select payment type

Select a payment type, either the build in payment types Cash and Credit Card or a custom payment type created from Settings => Payment types.

Payment options

DiscountApply a discount amount
Discount %Apply a discount percentage
Coupon paymentEnter coupon payment amount
TipsEnter amount of tips
Electronic receiptEnable or disable eInvoices
Service chargeEnable or disable service charge
Keep openKeep order visible in order section after payment

Payment actions

Print order previewPrint a preview of the order before completion
Partial paymentPerform a partial payment of the order
Number of customersSpecify the number of customers associated with this order
Associate customerConnect a new or existing customer to this order
Save orderSave the order details as is, but complete the order at a later point
Complete paymentThe order will be completed

Order actions

Move orderMove an order section order or tab order to a new order section
Merge ordersMerge the items of one order into an existing order. The source order will be deleted from the system after the merge

| Split order | Split an order into two orders separating by line items| | Multi split orders | Split an order into multiple orders by dragging and dropping the line items | | Delete order | Delete an order from the system |