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Order sections

Order sections lets you organise your orders across different groups and sections. A restaurant might want to group order sections per floor, so that each order section group represents a floor and each order section represents a table. An order section can hold an unlimited number of orders.

Order section group

Create new a order section group by pressing "+ New order section group"

  • Name the order section group depending on how it's going to be used. The name will appear as a quick link on the main screen and as a grouping option for an order.
  • Columns and row. Define a grid that will hold the number of order sections you want to show. For example a 4 x 4 grid will fit up to 16 order sections.

Consider grouping your order sections in smaller order section groups to make sure the amount of information on each screen doesn't get too overwhelming. This is especially important on smaller devices like mobile phones.

Disable service chargeBy default, orders created in this order section group will have their service charge disabled
Keep openKeep orders in this order section group open after the order is paid. This option is useful if your store requires payment before seating
Default payment typeChoose a default payment type for this order section group.

Order section

Navigate to the order section overview by selecting an order section group. You will see a layout of your order section grouped based on the grid size you created. Add an order section by selecting "+ Add section." You can customize your options for an entire order section by pressing the pencil icon to the right of the Tables heading.

NameThe name of the order section that will appear in the application on reporting
Max number of customersYou can specify how many customers this order section can hold. This limit will be shown in the application
Default payment typeA default payment type that will automatically be selected when an order is created in this order section

After you create an order section, you will be returned to the Order Section group overview. To move an order section simply drag and drop it to the desired location.

To edit or delete an existing order section, press the pencil icon in the order section you want to edit. To change the placement of an order section you created in the grid layout, simply drag and drop the order section to your desired location.


If you're attempting to delete an order section with an open order attached to it, you will receive a warning that you have to settle the open orders first.