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1. Is LinePay and JKO pay integration available?

LinePay and JKO pay integration is not available at the moment. However it is recommended to create payment types to keep record for each transactions using special payments.

2. Is it possible to change the numbers on closing report?

The numbers on closing report can not be modified after closing is complete to avoid others to tamper. If there are changes after closing, revenue report always provides the most up-to-date data for reference.

3. Can tickets print out in different work stations?

Yes, this is the functionality of work lists. Please go to Settings > Work List to create new areas and designate a printer. Go to menu setting and designate a work list to a menu category or product. For detailed tutorial please see (

4. How to print a checklist.

Please go to Settings > Printing > toggle on Activate in Checklist section. Then select Printers bar on top and choose a printer to default checklist printing.

5. Combo and product option

Can product options apply to combos?

No, product options can only apply to stand-alone products. Combos varients must be included in combos in order to execute tickets properly. Combos provide different selections for customers. There is fool-prove design for mandatory selections. Product options indicate customizaiton options for an item. For example, ice level and sugar level. At the moment only one of the two functions can be selected.