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Set Up Payment types

Create custom payment types and custom credit card types for use at checkout.

Custom payment types let you create predefined payment types at checkout that are different than the default payment types of cash and credit card. Delivery platforms or payments collected from staff would fall under a custom payment type. You can configure special discounts or invoice rules for each custom payment type.

Special discount or e-invoice issue method can be set up to individual payment types.

When an order is completed with a custom payment type, it will appear separately in your closing reporting and reporting in general.

1. Add Payment Method

Custome Payments

Go to Settings > Payment types > Custome payments

Select + New Payment, name the payment type, for example Line Pay/Apple Pay/Google Pay. Toggle on functions as needed and press Save to complete the setting.

NameSpecify the name of the custom payment. This will appear as a payment option at checkout
Payment type modifierToggle on/off to apply a custom fee that will automatically be calculated when the custom payment is selected
Payment modifier per itemThis will add a fixed amount to every item in the order. Amount can be positive or negative
Payment modifier percentageThis percentage will automatically be applied to the order subtotal. Percentage can be positive or negative
Custom colorSet a custom color to make it easier to identify the custom payment at checkout
Disable electronic invoiceSelect this to automatically disable electronic invoices for this type of payment
Disable drawer kickDisable the drawer kick signal to be sent to a connected cash drawer when completing an order. This option is generally used for cashless transactions

Credit card types

Add accepted credit card types. These will appear as mandatory sub options when the credit card payment type is selcted at checkout.

Go to Settings > Payment types > Credit card types

Select + Add Credit Card Type, enter credit card types, for example Visa, Master, and press Save to complete the setting.


Don't forget to toggle on Credit card payment and select Show Credit Card Types in Settings > Store details

2. Review setting on payment page

Check the added payment types and credit card types on payment page.

Each payment type is listed individually on closing report.

3. Tutorial video