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Create Category Tags

In QUEUE, you can create tags to show specific menu categories when selected in ordering page. For example, appetizers, main course, dessert. It makes ordering more efficient and convenient.

1. Set up category tags

Go to Settings > Tags > Category Tags

Select + New Tag, enter a name for this tag and save.


The displaying sequence begins with Arabic numbers > Upper case letters > lower case letters > strokes of Chinese letter (from fewer to higher). If the system default order is not satisfactory, arabic numbers can be added before the name to rearrange the sequence.

For example, 1. Appertizers、2. Soups、3. Main Course、4. Desserts

2. Connect menu to tags

Go to Settings > Menu

Select the menu category > select the Pen symbol to edit > toggle on Tags option > select tags should be connected to this category > Save

Follow the steps above to complete Tag settings for all menu categories.


Select multiple tags for 1 menu category to appear in multiple tag selections.

3. Review settings in ordering page

Tags should appear on the top area of ordering page. Select a tag, the related menu categories should be sorted and displayed.

4. Tutorial video