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Device management

Device list

Display all devices that have accessed this store in the past 4 weeks and when the device was last online. Press on a device to access additional settings.

Device Details

Device form

NameSpecify a custom name for this device. This name will be used to identify the device in reporting and activities. Mandatory if configuring device as a Master device.
Master deviceEnabling this option will allow additional actions to be performed on this device based on your configurations. For examples, you can configure that staff can only clock in on Master devices.
Payment stationIf you want to designate one or more receipt printers to this device, you can turn on this option. Depending on your configuration you will be able to override the default receipt printer.

A common use case is to configure multiple payment stations with individual receipt printers to be able to accept payments at multiple locations


Enable notifications to receive push notification for incoming orders. You can specify if this device should receive notifications for the following order types

  1. QUEME orders
  2. foodpanda orders
  3. Uber Eats orders

Notifications are only available if any of the platform has been configured for your store. Contact us for more information.

CTBC Credit card reader


CTBC credit card requires a separate agreement. Contact us for more information.