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Printing Options

QUEUE supports a wide range of printer types and protocols. We officially support printers by Epson™ and Star Micronic through their official protocols, but we are also compatible with the widely used ESC/POS protocol supported by most printer manufactures.


We try hard to support as many printer models as possible, but sometime we encounter manufactures that doesn't implement ESC/POS protocol correctly resulting in unexpected results. Please make sure to test the compatibility before you decide on a printer model


Enable printingToggle the main printing functionality
LanguageThe default language when printing tickets, checklists and local receipts

When electronic eInvoices are enabled QUEUE will always attempt to print a eInvoice even if printing is turned off


Font sizeSelect the desired font size for work item tickets
Worklist typeThe default worklist print type. See below for details
Print countNumber of ticket copies to print for the default worklist
Additional header spaceAdd a white space above the ticket header. Useful when placing tickets in a rack
Print work item dividerPrint a divider line between each ticket item
Custom work list headerCustomize what information you want to include in the ticket header


A checklist is a special ticket type that prints a single ticket containing all new items when an order is executed.

ActivatedToggle checklist printing
Font sizeChoose the checklist font size
Show total on chekclistEnable to show the total amount of all the items executed
Print checklist dividerPrint a line between checklist item
Defer printing until payment is complete (quick orders)A checklist will not print until the order has been paid
Defer printing until payment is complete (other orders)A checklist will not print until the order has been paid


A customisable receipt printed after the order has been paid

ActivatedToggle printing of receipts
Font sizechoese the receipt font size
Print receipt details copyEnable to print an additional receipt when the order has been paid. Useful if you want to keep a copy for reference
Disable product options from receiptDon't include the product option details on the receipt. This option can save paper
Show cash changePrint the total amount paid and the change amount
Disable receipt for eInvoice B2BIf eInvoices are enabled and a company identifier is used, the local receipt printing can be disabled to converve paper
Phone number on receiptAdd a phone number that will always be printing on the receipt
Details to append on receiptAdd a thank you note or website details at the end of the receipt


After a closing has been completed QUEUE can print a physical ticket that can be used as a supplement to the digtial version.

ActivatedToggle printing of closing report
Print additional detailsAllows customisation of the data printing on the closing ticket
Sales by categoryInclude a total of all categories in the closing period
Average per customerPrint the average order total per customer
Month to datePrint the total sales since the first day of the current month
Last invoice numberInclude the last invoice number issued


When QUEUE is connected to network printers it's important to make sure that your wireless devices are connected to the correct WIFI network. You can specify a list of approved WIFI network names that are appropriate for the printers. If a device is not connected to a pre-approved WIFI name, the network indicator will show yellow instead of green.


In order for QUEUE to access the connected WIFI name it must have permission to access precision location. Please check your settings and you experiencing problems with the retrieving the WIFI name.


QUEUE support four different printing types:

ESC/POS (native)Ethernetstandard supported by most printers.
StarLine:Ethernet, USB, BluetoothStar Micronic ()
StarGraphicEthernet, USB, BluetoothStar Micronics ()
Epson TMEthernet, USB, BluetoothEpson ()

Shared options

Default receipt printerMark printer as the default printer for receipts and closing reports
Default worklist printingMark printer as the default printer for worklist items
Default checklist printerMark printer as the default printer for checklists
External buzzerIf an external buzzer is connected to the printer, a print job will result in a buzzer signal


Printer nameSpecify a name that will be used in error messages and logging
IP adressEx.

| Narrow printing | Enable if the printer has problems with right-aligned items printing on a new line | | Use printer stored logo | If a logo is stored on the printer, this option will enable that logo to be printed on all receipts and eInvoices | | Double line feed | Use double line feed instead of single line feed. This can help if the printer output is too cramped |

StarLine/StarGraphic/Epson TM

SEARCHSearch for a compatible printer. Choose the printer from the pop-up list will auto fill the Printer port field
Printer portSpecify the connection type to the printer. Can be TCP (network), USB or BT (bluetooth)

When a printer has been configured you can test the output by pressing TEST PRINT. If you're getting a connection error please refer to the printing debug guide.