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Staff and Permissions

Each member of your staff should have a unique staff profile. Their actions within the application can be tracked by their staff profile. You can decide and grant the level of access to actions and parts of the application necessary for each staff member. Start by creating a profile for your staff member and assigning them a personal PIN.

By default QUEUE POS has two different roles with corresponding levels of permissions

  • Manager role
  • Regular role

A staff member with the manager role will automatically have all permissions and can create and change permissions for other staff members. When permission groups are not enabled, certain actions can be limited to manager only permissions.

If the default two level permission does not cover your needs, you can enable permission groups which will let you create your own permission groups and assign your staff accordingly. Enable permission groupss in your settings under the store section.


Create a profile for a staff member by pressing "+ New Staff" at the top of the screen.

NameThe staff member's name as it will appear on the Staff Login screen and in reporting
LanguageThe preferred language for the staff member. The interface will change to the preferred staff language after the staff member logs in
PINEnter a 4 digit PIN for the staff member. They will use this PIN number to login to their profile
ManagerWhen selected, it will give the staff member manager permissions (all)
Custom colorAssign a custom color for the staff member for the Staff Login screen

Permission Groups

When permission groups are enabled in the store section of your settings, non-manager staff will by default not have permissions to perform any actions. You will need to create different permission groups and assign one to each staff member to create custom permission rules.

Create new permission groups by going to the permissions page and pressing "+ New Permissions Group."


Order ManagementCreate new and modify existing orders
Quick ordersCreate and modifify quick orders
Execute orderPermit staff member to execute an order
Delete executed ordersAllow deletion of orders that contain executed line items
Modify or delete executed line itemsAllow deletion or modification of items that have already been executed
Price modifierAllow staff to modify the price of an added line item with the price modifier field
Worklist interfaceAllow staff to access the worklist interface
Complete worklist itemAllow staff to complete a pending work item


Payment allowedAllow staff to complete an order payment at checkout
Payment modifierAllow staff to change the total order amount before payment
Toggle eInvoiceAllow staff to enable or disable eInvoice on an order level
Service charge modifyAllow staff to enable or disable service charge on an order level
Open cash drawerAllow user to manually open the cash drawer

Completed order management

Completed ordersAllow staff to access completed orders
Void orderAllow staff to void a completed order
Reprint receiptAllow staff to reprint a completed order


Allow staff to access the reporting module.


Full closingAllow staff to perform a full close
Partial closingAllow staff to perform a partial close


Allow staff to clock in and clock out


Access settingsAllow staff to access store settings
MenuAllow staff to access and make changes to the menu
Modify accountAllow staff to modify account preferences such as subscription type, associated emails, and password
PrintingAllow staff to access printing settings
InventoryAllow staff to access the inventory configuration


Customer managementAllow staff to create and modify customer records
LoyaltyAllow staff to modify the loyalty status of a customer
Loyalty discountAllow staff to apply loyalty discount as checkout


Stock countAllow staff to start and perform a stock count
AdjustmentsAllow staff to create inventory adjustments
Handle transfersAllow staff to view, accept, and decline incoming inventory transfers