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This section contains information about your subscription test mode status and details about the current application version.


Subscription Type

Shows the current subscription type. The functionality available in your application might change based on subscription level


If you are subscribing through Apple App store or Google Play you can up or downgrade your subscription, for example from monthly to yearly subscription

Manage subscription

Shortcut to your subscription details if you're currently subscribing through Apple App store or Google Play


Test Mode

If you're currently in Test mode, you can toggle on and change to Production mode. Be aware that this will deleted your existing transactional data like orders and payments. All other data, for example, Menu and Order section information will be preserved.


Switching from Test mode to Production mode will clear your existing orders and payments. Contact support if you want to preserve your data before switching to Production mode.

Change email address

Let you want to change your primary email address used for login. Requires your password and a new, valid email address.

Change password

Let you want to change your password used for login. Requires your current password and a new one.

App details

App version

Displays the current version of the application installed on this device. Please make sure that all your devices are upgraded to the latest version to avoid capability issues

Device name

Shows the name of this device.